Championship Info

Finals Flyer

We are just over one week away from the championship event at The Quarry! This post will continue to be updated as the details get worked out, so make sure to double check the information before you head out.

Boat Championships: May 25th, 1220 S Shore Drive, Delavan, WI 53115

8:00 am start time, please arrive at 7:30 for breakfast and rider’s meeting. The sooner we get you on the water, the smoother it will be.

Cable Championships: May 26th, The Quarry Cable Park

8:00 am start time, please arrive at 7:30 for breakfast and rider’s meeting.

***The cable start time will be strictly enforced, The Quarry is delaying their opening so we can have the cable to ourselves. Please respect that and show up on time. Riders who show up excessively late will forfeit their point.***

The top 8 teams from the qualifying events have been invited! Each team will bring their top 5 riders, with a minimum of 1 female rider per team. These teams will compete in a head-to-head, bracket style competition.

What does that mean exactly? It means that individual riders will face off directly against another team’s rider. Each team will rank their riders 1-5. Rider 1 from Team A will ride against Rider 1 from Team B. Whoever wins scores a point for their team. The team with the most points after all 5 head-to-head matchups moves on to the next round.

Costs: $80/rider, which adds up to $400/comp team if you are paying all together. This includes competition fees, an event jersey with your team’s logo, Saturday practice laps at the Quarry, and of course breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

Prize Money: We’re going big and giving out $2000 over the course of the weekend. The first place team for boat will receive $750, and second place will receive $250. Same thing goes for cable! All in all, your team could be walking away with $1500 at the end of the weekend.

Q+A: Here’s a few questions we’ve received about the event, if you don’t see yours here feel free to ask anything! Looking forward to riding.

Can my team have different rosters for boat and cable? Yes! Each rider will need to pay their own registration fee ($70/person) and you will have to share a jersey. We only have 5 for each team. I suggest a game of W.A.K.E. to see who gets to keep it.

I am an individual, or my team didn’t make the cut. Can I still compete? This event is a team only event, but you are still welcome to come watch and ride at the Quarry!

I just graduated (May 2019, December 2018), can I compete? Yup! Your team qualified while you were there, you get to compete for the championship.

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