KC Watersports Recap

The final qualifying stop of the tour turned out to be our chilliest competition of the year, but we still saw a great turn out with 30+ riders over the course of the weekend.

If you’re looking for pictures from the event, they’re right here:


Teams started to show up Friday afternoon, and took some practice sets around the park before setting up their tents to camp for the weekend. A few riders noticed the tall pipe rail lying in waiting on the shore, which sparked the idea for a pretty fun feature hack. With a few cinder blocks, some rope, and a few screws, we took the pipe from a 5.5′ flat bar to a 4.5′ up rail. By the time we had finished both the sun and the temperature were too low to drop the feature in, but it was finally secured behind the incline on Saturday afternoon. Here’s Ryan Helus from Kansas State with a smooth hit on the hack.


The boat competition kicked off bright and early on Lake Miola, with coffee and donuts to heal some headaches. Beginners were first in the water as usual, and Kobie Engel from Kansas State took home the win. Katy Consoer from Arizona State earned a golden cowbell in the intermediate division after linking together a scarecrow and a switch toe 180. Cale Pliska from Wisconsin landed a series of smooth inverts and returned to the top of the podium in advanced.

The open division was tough to call, with each rider bringing something different to the table. Grant Duininck from Baylor showed off his smooth style, tweaking out a stalefish backside 180 and stomping a nose grab frontside 360. Grant ended up taking 3rd. Jack Schoepp from Wisconsin finished 2nd in open with a unique set of tricks, including a pair of wrapped back 3’s and a toeside roll to revert. Arizona State rider Cole Wojtak ended up on top of the podium after stomping an absolutely massive run, including a textbook indy tantrum to blind and a moby dick.


After the boat contest wrapped up, everyone grabbed some lunch and slowly made their way back to the cable park. Saturday night the temperatures dropped into the low 30’s, sending a lot of the riders into the pro shop for a friendly darts tournament. When the sun came up, there was a thin layer of frost covering the life jackets and wetsuits that had been hung up to dry. Fortunately, we had hot coffee, pancakes and sausage to fight off the cold.

We didn’t think any beginners would try to hit the pipe hack we had created Friday night, but we were so wrong. A few of them, including Jamie Hoffman of Kansas State and Dylan Hummel of Missouri, charged at it in their first run. Dylan also landed his second tantrum ever during his run and took home first place in the beginner division. Cale Pliska from Wisconsin took home first in intermediate with a difficult step up rail tap on the kink rail. In advanced, Grant Duininck made full use of the nearly 100′ long flat bar on the back side, coming off early just to ollie on again. He also linked a stalefish frontside 180 with a safety gap on the kink rail to seal the victory.

The open division had 4 competitors, and they made sure to make the judge’s choice difficult. Tristan Weber of Wisconsin La Crosse landed a big, clean toeside stalefish to blind off the outside kicker, but didn’t quite make the podium after falling on a toe back 5. Jack Schoepp took third with a clean toe front 5 off the outside kicker, and a massive gap onto the kink rail. Matt Gagnon, the winner from our last stop, took second this weekend after landing both a heelside and a toeside front 540. Cole Wojtak or Arizona State became the second person this year to take home gold in both open boat and open cable. His run included a huge crail grab tantrum right off the dock, a transfer to back lip on the kink rail, and a nose grab moby dick.



Here are the full podium results, with team results at the very bottom! Thanks to everyone that came out, and everyone that made this event happen. Definitely a great end to a great season.

Boat Results

Boat Open
Open (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Open 1st – Cole Wojtak, Arizona State

Open 2nd – Jack Schoepp, Wisconsin

Open 3rd – Grant Duininck, Baylor

Boat Advanced
Advanced (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Advanced 1st – Cale Pliska, Wisconsin

Advanced 2nd – Ryan Helus, Kansas State

Advanced 3rd – Austen Denning

Boat Intermediate
Intermediate (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Intermediate 1st – Katy Consoer, Arizona State

Intermediate 2nd – Josh Burgkamp, Kansas State (Looks a lot like Sam Preston, doesn’t he?)

Intermediate 3rd – Tanner Van Horn, Arizona State

Boat Beginner
Beginner (3rd, 1st, 2nd)

Beginner 1st – Kobie Engel, Kansas State (He and Sam and Josh must be triplets)

Beginner 2nd – Jordan Tebbs, Arizona State

Beginner 3rd – Jacob Torrez, Indiana

Cable Results

Cable Open
Open (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Open 1st – Cole Wojtak, Arizona State

Open 2nd – Matt Gagnon, Wisconsin Platteville

Open 3rd – Jack Schoepp, Wisconsin

Cable Advanced
Advanced (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Advanced 1st – Grant Duininck, Baylor

Advanced 2nd – Austen Denning

Advanced 3rd – Ryan Helus, Kansas State

Cable Intermediate
Intermediate (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Intermediate 1st – Cale Pliska, Wisconsin

Intermediate 2nd – Tanner Van Horn, Arizona State

Intermediate 3rd – Sam Preston, Kansas State

Cable Beginner
Beginner (2nd, 1st, 3rd)

Beginner 1st – Dylan Hummel, Missouri

Beginner 2nd – Jamie Hoffman, Kansas State

Beginner 3rd – Katy Consoer, Arizona State

Team Results

Arizona State – 115 points

Kansas State – 79 points

Wisconsin – 70 points

Baylor – 45 points

Wisconsin Platteville – 20 points

Missouri – 11 points

Wisconsin La Crosse – 10 points

Indiana – 8 points

Johnson County Community College – 4 points

Saint Louis Community College – 3 points

Wake Devils for the win!



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