Action Wake Park Recap

The first stop of the tour was a huge success! We hosted 50 riders representing 8 different universities from all over the country. The conditions couldn’t have been better, with mid 80 degree weather and clear skies all weekend long.

There was tight competition in every division, with most being decided by a single trick. Garret Wise from Cincinatti ended up winning the Open division in both boat and cable with his big air style combined with some technical rail hits. Kori Saake also made an appearance on top of the Intermediate boat podium after stomping a few lofty inverts behind the XStar. Other than that, it was all green and white on top of the podium as the local Michigan State Spartans dominated the rest of the divisions.

Open Boat

  1. Garret Wise – Cincinatti
  2. Jack Schoepp – Wisconsin
  3. Mason Rohrback – Michigan State

Open Cable

  1. Garret Wise – Cincinatti
  2. Tristan Weber – Wisconsin La Crosse
  3. Jack Schoepp – Wisconsin

Advanced Boat

  1. Josh Edwards – Michigan State
  2. Austin Nutter – Tennessee
  3. Brad Gasparovich – Michigan State

Advanced Cable

  1. Josh Edwards – Michigan State
  2. Brad Gasparovich – Michigan State
  3. Kori Saake – Missouri

Intermediate Boat

  1. Kori Saake – Missouri
  2. Noah Bryles – Indiana
  3. Carlos Moreno – Indiana

Intermediate Cable

  1. Lars Thornton – Michigan State
  2. Josh Brower – Michigan State
  3. Zac Hassman – Wisconsin

Beginner Boat

  1. Devin Buit – Michigan State
  2. Jacob Torres – Indiana University
  3. Erin Blackwell – Michigan State

Beginner Cable

  1. Logan Panetta – Michigan State
  2. Devin Buit – Michigan State
  3. Charlie Keranen – Michigan State

Team Results

  1. Michigan State – 196
  2. Wisconsin – 45
  3. Missouri – 38
  4. Indiana – 33
  5. Wisconsin La Crosse – 28
  6. Tennessee – 19
  7. Arizona State – 13

Congrats to all the riders above, and thanks to everyone who competed! Next stop: West Rock.

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